Arab Cash Network is an independent full service consultancy firm started its online payment business since 2004 with a software development company in Kuwait, specialized in electronic payments and related financial services. Key focus areas include online payment, mobile payment, e-invoicing and e-identity.

What we do.

We help our clients to develop and market new or improved payment services in a controlled and effective way.


Online payments: understanding the 'transaction context'

Developing successful online payment solutions requires a thorough understanding of the transaction context. A transaction context is composed of three processes: agreement, payment and delivery. Both buyer and seller experience risk in every process, which is affected by four factors: timing, relation, product and location. , G.M./  Abdul-Salam Elshiekh


We provide a model to gain insight in the dynamics of the transaction, in order to make the right design choices. With proven success

Strategy & business development,

Given our independent position, in-depth knowledge and experience, we are ideally positioned to help our clients determine the direction of their growth. This often results in new products and/or markets.